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Do you play Magic the Gathering?  Need to look up yours or someone else’s Planeswalker Points?  Of course you do!  This is the best way to do that on your Android phone.

The Planeswalker Points Checker does exactly one thing and it does it well.  It looks up Planeswalker Points.  All you need to do is enter a valid DCI Number.

Here are some FAQs that have never been asked until now:

Q:  Will this app check Planeswalker Points?
A:  Why, yes indeed it does.

Q:  Do I need anything other than a DCI Number to make it work?
A:  Nope!  Just enter any valid DCI Number!

Q:  This probably costs like $87.63, right?
A:  Heck no!  It’s free!

Q:  Will this cure my acne?
A:  Only if your acne is caused by NOT knowing how many Planeswalker Points you or your friends have.

Have you ever been at Friday Night Magic and gotten your little match slip and wondered:  “Hmmmmm… I wonder how many Planeswalker Points my opponent has?”  If not, you probably will now that I’ve seeded your mind with the inane question!  And this app will answer the question for you!  The DCI Number for your opponent is right there on the slip!  No extra charge!

MtG is a fun game.  Make it funner with this app!

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