Elite Roshambo

Roshambo is a game that requires two fearless competitors with at least one hand each. “Elite Roshambo” however requires only you and your wits (and probably thumbs). In this version of the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you compete against the computer in three variations of the classic game.

In the first mode, you perfect your ability to think fast by trying to win, lose, or tie versus the computer’s decision. If the computer shows you paper and tells you to win, you choose scissors. However if the computer shows you paper and tells you to lose, you must choose rock. It will take quick thinking and nerves of steel! You will be fighting against the clock and a tireless computer foe!

In the second mode, you play Roshambo against a growing sequence of computer throws. At first the computer shows you one throw, say rock. Then you choose paper to defeat him/her (my computer is a ‘him’, but I’m not sure what yours might be). Then the computer will show you rock again, but followed by, say, paper. Now you must choose paper and then scissors to defeat the computer’s sequence. The sequence will continue to grow. How long can you maintain your concentration in this Roshambo version of the classic game of Simon?

The third game has you wagering highly valuable credits deciding if you can defeat the computer over nine throws. However, you have some inside information! You know that the computer will choose each throw (rock, paper, and scissors) exactly three times each, you just don’t know exactly when. Bet your credits based on your faith in knowing the computer’s next throw. The catch is, if you tie against the computer on a throw, you must at least DOUBLE your next bet! Yowzer! Bet carefully and amass the largest bank possible.

Who would have thought that roshambo could be taken to such insane levels! Well, this is no longer roshambo, this is Elite Roshambo!

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