Card Name Help Needed!

Hi CCG Fair Trader users.  I’ve had some requests to include the “Auto Complete” feature for games other than Magic.

It shouldn’t be too hard for me to do that in the app, but the hard for me is keeping up with all the different card names for all the different games.  If any CCG Fair Trader users feel like helping out to make the app more user-friendly for their game of choice, I have one way you can do that.  You’d need to send me a text file with all the card names as they are recognized by  I started to look for an easy way to do that for Redakai, but is was becoming quite a task.  I have some tools to help me do it for Magic, but not for the other games.

So, feel free to email a text file that lists all the card names, then I’ll work on getting the AutoComplete together for that game.  I know it’s kind of a pain to have to remember how to spell each card name in just the right way to get your prices out of a database.

While were on the subject of me getting help from you, definitely let me know if you notice that a set list is out of date or when a new set is coming out for a particular game.  Again, I think I’m pretty good at doing this for Magic, but the other games might slip through the cracks.

One final note.  If doesn’t have the prices/cards for a particular new set, then there is no way I’m going to get them into the app.  I’ll keep working with them to try and keep all of the prices available to you guys as best I can.

Add any further suggestions/comments into the forums!  Looking forward to working with you to make CCG Fair Trader even better!


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