GLPK on Android

Some time ago I started playing with getting the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) working on Android.  I didn’t have a particular need for that library, but I have always had a bit of fondness for it since it was a major part of my dissertation work.  After a while I got something working then

16 Nov 2014

Magic Card Web Service API

A cool, new open source project designed to grab information about Magic: the Gathering cards has emerged. If you have a need to pull information about a certain card or set, the web service being developed is quite handy. It is still in the alpha/beta stage as of the writing of this post, but it

15 Apr 2014

Android AutoCompleteTextView with a sqlite database

In too many of my Android projects, I’ve needed to implement an AutoCompleteTextView that was backed by a sqlite database. It was always way more work than it should have been. After my last project, I decided to pare down the code and form it into a library for future use. After doing that, I

26 Nov 2013

Migrating WordPress to New Host

So I switched hosts for this site.  At first I tried to let my new host do the migrating for me, but they kept having trouble logging in to the old host to do the work.  I know there is a lot that can go wrong when doing this, but I bit the bullet and

22 Aug 2012

CCG Fair Trader now supports MTGO!

This is an exciting day.  As of version 2.0 of CCG Fair Trader, we now support Magic the Gathering Online!  Comparing physical Magic cards to MTGO to Yugioh… that’s just nuts. Thanks to a partnership with, we can now provide up-to-date prices for all MTGO cards.  For those of you unfamiliar with, they

16 Apr 2012

Proguard and Serialized Java Objects

With one of my apps, I recently had the problem of altering one of my Serialized classes.  I was careful to check that the changes I was making were valid changes to a class implementing Serializable. When I tested the app from within eclipse (both on a phone and in the emulator), there were no

11 Sep 2011
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