GLPK on Android

Some time ago I started playing with getting the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) working on Android.  I didn’t have a particular need for that library, but I have always had a bit of fondness for it since it was a major part of my dissertation work.  After a while I got something working then I let it sit on my computer for months and months.

Well, I finally just tidied it up a bit and put an app demonstrating its current capabilities on the Google Play store.  I also released the entire project as open source on Github with the hopes that folks might help me squish the bugs and improve the tool.

The app isn’t designed to be entirely useful to every user.  It really is just a demonstration of using the GLPK library on Android.  However, it will allow users to enter arbitrary linear programs based on the GLPK Mathprog modeling language.  It may or may not print out useful error messages, but if everything is formatted correctly, it should solve most LPs well enough.

I’d be happy to hear any comments anyone had about this project and I’d be even happier for some reviews on the Play store to help it gain a bit of visibility.  If nothing else, I think the app deserves five start just for this icon:



Here are a few of the screenshots that you’ll also find on the Play store, to give you an idea of what the app currently does:






That’s it!  Hope this is useful to someone somewhere!

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