CCG Fair Trader now supports MTGO!

This is an exciting day.  As of version 2.0 of CCG Fair Trader, we now support Magic the Gathering Online!  Comparing physical Magic cards to MTGO to Yugioh… that’s just nuts. Thanks to a partnership with, we can now provide up-to-date prices for all MTGO cards.  For those of you unfamiliar with, they have been around for a long time.  Back when I had time to play MTGO (Kamigawa, anyone?), I would always use them to buy cards when the trade room was moving too slowly for me.  The owner, Heath, is very involved with the MTGO community and has other sites dedicated to Magic, like and his physical card shop,

I know there aren’t too many apps on the Android market that support MTGO, so I’m happy to get this service incorporated into CCG Fair Trader.  As with any new addition to a hunk of software, I’ll be vigilant about any issues/bugs you might notice.  Please use the message board or send me a quick email from within the app if you have any questions or suggestions.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, you may need to download a few files using the ‘Utilities’ area of the app.  You should grab the updated game list, the set list for MTGO, and the card list for MTGO.  Mtgotraders stores set names a little differently and MTGO doesn’t have the same set of lists as physical Magic the Gathering.  Below is an example of what you see when you insert a MTGO card.  As usual, you’ll get a link to the card, only now it points to mtgotraders rather than the usual tcgplayer link.  Also, note that there is a single price for each card, so the min/max/avg will all be the same.


As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions.  Please hit up the forum or send me an email.  Enjoy!

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