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Welcome to Littlepancake Software!  We specialize in niche Android apps, but have skills applicable to many platforms and domains.  Drop us an email if you have a project you are trying to get off the ground and need a little professional development help.  Feel free to click around.  Leave a question or comment in our forums if you like!

CCG Fair Trader is the perfect app for trading collectible card game cards. Whether you focus on a single game like Magic or YuGiOh, or if you like to trade cards across various games, this is the app for you. Using the prices from tcgplayer.com, you can create lists of cards and compare any two of your lists side by side. This is the best way to know that you are making a fair trade!
Roshambo taken to the next level! This fast-paced game of skill, concentration and luck offer three variations. Play a quick-thinking version where you need to obey the command of either 'win,' 'lose,' or 'tie.' You make your play based on the computer's choice of rock/paper/scissors. In the second variation, you play a memory game where the sequence of rock/paper/scissors slowly grows and tests your concentration. The final version asks you to wager on the outcome of random matches against the computer. Hours of fun!
Regular calculators are boring. This one does all the regular stuff you'd expect, but it also allows you to put it into one of two "secret" modes. The first secret mode provides bad answers to unsuspecting users. The second secret mode gives silly text answers to your math questions. Oh, miscalculationator, you so crazy.
Using data from the US Government, you can quickly find Farmers Markets by city or county. Find out the hours, contact information, and even the items at the market.
A knock-knock app that finally interacts with you! The app is the joke teller. When it says "Knock Knock," it expects you to play along and say "who's there." It also expect you to say "_____ who?" at the right time. Kids love it!
The fastest, easiest way to grab prices and compare lists of cards for Cardfight Vanguard. Pulling prices from tcgplayer.com, you know you'll be making the right trade every time!
Quick, accurate pricing of YuGiOh cards from tcgplayer! Put cards into two lists quickly and easily, then make sure you're making a good trade.
This simple app just takes a DCI number and grabs the current Planeswalker Points Scorecard for that number. That's it! It's free and that's all it does. It won't show you your actual points, just the beautiful scorecard. Enjoy!
Look up Magic cards in your language and display a version of that card in another language. Super easy! Useful for when you might be playing with foreign cards or with foreign players. Heck, it's also just fun to see what a Japanese Shock looks like. Check it out!
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